Soon after publishing our previous blog we got re-introduced to Sarita Devi (सरिता देवी) as the First Character Actress from Rajasthan. We came across two articles on the veteran actress published in Rajasthan Patrika in 1993 and in 2001 soon after her sad demise. Though having overlapping content these articles gave us enough information about the actress who touched us with her performance as Mata Shabari in Ramanand Sagar ji’s Ramayan (1987). A role she considered as a fruit of her dedication and hard work all through her long acting career. This blog is a summarized translation of the two articles. Continue reading



Shri Ram Katha, Ramayan has many a heartwarming events which showcase the divine relation between Bhakt (Devotee) and Bhagwaan (God). One such event is where Shri Ram meets Mata Shabari. The greatness of service, devotion and faith of a tribal woman and the grace of Guru and the Almighty to her are excellent features of this episode. The actress who played the part of Mata Shabari in Ramanand Sagar ji’s Ramayan (1987) made a permanent mark in our memory with her heart-warming performance. We have seen many artists play the part in various adaptations of Ramayan be it TV Series or Films but no one made the kind of impression she did. For years we knew nothing about her, not even her name. To our joy recently we got to know that she is veteran actress, Sarita Devi (सरिता देवी). Continue reading