Various artists named Raj Kumar
(left to right) Dr. Rajkumar, (Jaani) Raaj Kumar, Raj Kumar, Raj(u) Kumar & Raj Kumar Gupta

Raj Kumar (राजकुमार) is a popular first name meaning Prince. We know of as many as five actors who started their acting career in the 1950s with the screen-name Raj Kumar. The most well-known among them are Kannada Superstar Dr. Rajkumar and Bollywood Legend Kulbhushan Pandit better known as (Jaani) Raaj Kumar. Continue reading



Child Artists, they always amuse me. Always make me wonder how these little fellows perform to instructions, project emotions they may never feel in real life. Last year we saw Sautela Bhai (1962), thanks to film collector Surjit Singh, a simple story of two step brothers. We could not help but notice the child who played young Guru Dutt in the film. He exuded a certain calmness and gave an effortless restrained performance.

His facial features indicated that he was most likely related to the well-known child stars of their times, the Irani sisters – Daisy and Honey. We scanned through the opening credits and found the name, Sarosh Irani (सरोश ईरानी). Continue reading