Last year when we placed an order for the film Bhakt Dhruv (1947), we were amused to see the name Shashi Kapoor in the cast list of this mythological film. We checked online and found this title listed with films like Sharmilee (1971) and Deewaar (1975) in the same filmography on various sites like IMDB. However when we received the film’s VCD, the little boy on the cover looked nothing like the youngest son of actor Prithviraj Kapoor we had seen in films like Aag (1948) and Awaara (1951). Curious, we started watching the film and soon realized that this indeed was a different child actor. He won us over with his demure and subtle performance. In quick succession we happened to watch Shaheed (1948) where he played young Dilip Kumar and Samadhi (1950) where he played the youngest brother of actors Shyam & Ashok Kumar. Continue reading