Almost every viewer of Cinema can tell you about some cinematic moments which though seen years ago are stuck with them ever since. One may forget the film, the actors, the lines but the impact of those cinematic visuals remain intact. One such visual for me was to see the ten-headed Ravan in a dilemma, trying to decide about what to do next after Sita-Haran while interacting with his nine heads, each representing a different positive or negative emotion. It was such a classic scene that it left an everlasting impression on my mind. Years later I could not recollect anything about the film apart from that scene and a faint image of the tall man who played Ravan. Early this year I happened to watch a film called Sampoorna Ramayana (1961) on one of the TV channels and there he was, the tall actor, with an orotund voice, expressive eyes, sharp features and distinct acting style, in that same classic scene. He was the veteran actor B M Vyas (बी एम व्यास). Continue reading