Maitri Manthan

This blog belongs to the two of us. We are always discussing about something or the other we like. It could be a Song be it devotional, inspirational or romantic, genre does not matter, an Article, a Poem, a Personality, a Performance, a Film, a Picture, just anyone / anything that clicks with us.

Our inclination has been towards people we grew up watching. Those shows, those stories, those artists who have in their own way contributed towards making us what we are today as individuals. Their contribution can’t be denied. We have been lucky to grow up in a time when entertainment was responsible and understood its importance. Through our blogs we would like to say ‘Thank You’ as we re-visit them. However we have still kept this blog open and would like to write about anything we feel worth sharing.

Since we started blogging due to our ‘Friendly Discussions’ we decided to name it “Maitri Manthan”. This blog is for “Swantah Sukhaya”, our Self Satisfaction. We are not great writers and a lot that we post could be picked from other places, but we hope it will have something for the readers to take back and new view points for us to know.

– Maitri Manthan