Recently we happen to watch Masoom (1983), Mr India (1987) and Zakhm (1998) around the same time. The main reason why these films managed to hit the right chord with their audience are the children who have acted in them, their effortless performances tug at your heartstrings. The images of three kids singing “lakdi ki kathi” in Masoom (1983) or the little girl who became the apple of everyone’s eye with her act in the TV series Balika Vadhu or the little Sardar kid saying “Papa kee kara, petrol khatam hi nahin honda” in a Maruti Suzuki advertisement are firmly etched in public memory. Be it TV, Films or Ad Films we have some lovely children bringing smiles to our faces all the time. In this post we look back at ten such child stars we admire.

Satyajeet Puri
Satyajeet Puri

We start with Master Satyajeet, our favorite child star of all times. Satya as we fondly call him is yesteryear actor Daljeet Puri’s son. He made a special place in our hearts with his innocent face, bright eyes, angelic smile and sweet voice. He never seemed to act acting, a complete natural on screen, performing some of the most difficult scenes with amazing ease. He became the little brother we always wanted, remember ‘Phoolon Ka Taaron Ka‘ from Hare Rama Hare Krishna (1971)? We never realised until recently that he is about two decades elder to us, but still, he will always be our kid-brother. He played the grandchild to our eternal reel grandparents Ashok Kumar (Dadamoni), Durga Khote and Leela Mishra with perfection. His Anuraag (1972) and Hari Darshan (1972) are among our most favorite films. His bonding with Dadamoni in Anurag (1972) is so endearing and no matter how many times we see this film, tears just roll seeing Chandan slip away as his mother sings ‘Mera Raja Beta‘. He was deservingly awarded with President’s Award at the hands of then President V. V. Giri for his lovely performance in this film. He gave a wonderful performance as Bhakt Prahlad in Hari Darshan (1972). So many children have played Prahlad before and after him but whenever there is talk about Bhakt Prahlad, we can only visualise Satya singing ‘Jai Jai Narayan Narayan Hari Hari‘.

He continued to act in films as an adult and has done 50+ films in various languages. His Rajasthani film Mhari Pyari Chanana (1983) as a leading man was the first Rajasthani film to celebrate Silver Jubilee. He has featured in films like Arjun (1985), Khoon Bhari Maang (1988), Hathyar (1989), Shola Aur Shabnam (1992) as a dependable friend. In complete contrast, he appeared in a negative role in Dulaara (1994). Frankly we were quite shocked to see him in that avatar. It seems like he gave up acting after Zameer (1997). Though we wish he would come back to where he belongs best (onscreen), we hear he is currently working on his directorial debut. We wish him the very best for all his forthcoming ventures.

Vikas Khanna
Vikas Khanna

Master Vikas, another dear favorite. Thin, fair, light eyes and sharp features, he was an adorable child. For years we knew him as Babbu, his character’s name in Baseraa (1981). It took us really long to find his full name. His Basera (1981), Kaya Palat (1983) and Tele-Series Ek Do Teen Char (1985) are among his best works. We especially love him in Kaya Palat (1983). Playing the role of a scientist who becomes a ten year old boy by consuming a mixture he accidentally created, Vikas had to portray an adult in a child’s body through his body language, dialog delivery and facial expressions. He gave a convincing performance (according to us his best). His last film (as per our knowledge) was Ram-Avatar (1988). We always felt he will come back to acting when he grows up. In fact when Anubhav Sinha directed Sea Hawks (1998) was on air, for some reason we thought Leelawar Tendulkar was our grown up Vikas until we found his name. After searching for a long time we recently came across information that Vikas is probably not around. It was heartbreaking, we never expected our search to result in such news. May God bless you wherever you are Vikas, you will always stay in our hearts.

Ankur Javeri
Ankur Javeri

Master Ankur made a special place in our hearts with his portrayal as Stone Boy (1991) in the TV Series with the same name aired on DD in the early-90s. For a long time until we got to know his real name, Ankur was Stone Boy to us. A role he performed so well that today, even after 20 years his character is firmly etched in our memory. This is one series we really want to watch again. He was such a cute lively child, had one of the sweetest smiles, so adorable and so talented. He played the role of young Arjun in BR Chopra’s classic Mahabharat (1988). His interaction with Pitamah Bhishm (Mukesh Khanna) was a treat to watch. Apart from these we remember seeing him in the children’s film Netraheen Sakshi (1991) in the title role. As a blind boy and the only witness to a murder, Ankur performed his part with utmost sincerity. Years later we saw him in the title song of Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi (2000) after the first leap in 2002, but to our disappointment he never showed up in the show. We are not very aware of his current acting assignments but we know that today he is a very well-known Voice Over artist. If you are seeing a Dubbed, Animated or an Ad Film; you are most likely listening to Ankur’s voice in them. He dubs for actors in Hindi Films too. All we can say is that he has a lovely, lovely voice. We pray he does very well in life. Here is a collection of his Ad Films on his video channel.

Daisy Irani
Daisy Irani

Daisy Irani, one of the best Child Artists we have ever had. Big expressive eyes, bright smile, curly hair, chubby cheeks, she was a complete Tomboy. She started with the screen name Roop Kumar and mostly played a boy on screen. We saw her for the first time in the song “Jaago Mohan Pyare” from Jagte Raho (1956) aired during Chitrahar on DD. As the song starts, she opens the door and tells a very scared Raj Kapoor “darte ho? kyun? tumne to kuchh bhi nahin kiya“. We instantly liked this little girl. This was in the early 90s when the Tele-Series Dekh Bhai Dekh was on air. Few days later she made an entry into the show as the kanjoos Daisy Mausi. My mom told us that she is the same little girl we saw in the song few days back. It’s amazing how within days from an adorable little kid, she became a loving granny. Among her films as a child star we absolutely love her in Bandish (1955) and Ek Hi Rasta (1956). She was at her comic best in TV Shows like Dekh Bhai Dekh (1993) and Shararat (2004). We have seen very little of her as a young lady, only in Ankhen (1968) and Geet (1970). We would have loved to see more of her from those times but from one of her interviews it seems she mostly did regional films then. Today she continues to act in Films and TV Shows time to time. We wish her good health and lots of happiness.

Raju Shreshtha
Raju Shreshtha

For those who have grown up watching films of the 70s era will agree that Master Raju is an integral part of their childhood. Who can forget the little chubby-cheeked Sanju saying “K for Karna Hai” in Parichay (1972), the little chugalkhor brother of Nandu in Amar Prem (1971), the little boy who scolds Amitabh Bachchan (AB) in Abhimaan (1973) or Pintu Babu holding his grandfather’s stick in Bawarchi (1972). In all these films he is barely 5-years-old! Its amusing how this little fellow must have understood and enacted his parts, saying all those lines with expressions and not a bit camera conscious. We have read that there was a time in the 70s when virtually no film would be complete without this talented boy contributing his mite to it. Remember Piloo Mistry with his characteristic ‘hee hee hee‘ laughter in Khatta Meetha (1978), Bobby singing “Hoon To” to AB in the song “Main Pyasa Tum Sawan” from Faraar (1975) or his endearing acts in Daag (1973), Deewar (1975), Khushboo (1975), Dream Girl (1977), etc, the list is long.

Raju has won two coveted awards among others – the National Award for Best Child Artist in Chitchor (1976) where he followed Zarina Wahab to the most romantic of locations much to the discomfort of the film’s leading men and the Filmfare Award for Best Child Artist in Kitaab (1977) which definitely is his most special performance. Kitaab (1977) takes us through the experiences of a school boy, Babla who runs away from home because he feels no one understands him. Raju was absolutely fantastic throughout the film but there are two scenes where he has no dialogs, just expressions which show the maturity of this little performer. First is Babla’s moment of realisation when he hears people surrounding a dead beggar on a railway platform. Second is the last scene of the film when he hears the Blind Singer (with whom he had spent some time earlier) singing in a train pass by. The expression on Raju’s face is priceless. Woh Saat Din (1983) was possibly his last film as a child star. As a grownup we most likely saw him first in the TV Series Chunauti (1987) playing a drug-addict college student. We have very faint memories of that show now (it had our most favorite TV Series Title Track till date “Har Pal Jeevan Kaaaaa Ek Chunauti Hai” sung by Amit Kumar). He has continued working in TV Shows and Films all along till date. You are a forever special artist Raju, may God bless you with a Healthy, Happy and Fulfilling life.

Ravi Valecha
Ravi Valecha

Master Ravi, our original junior AB for the sheer number of films we have seen him play the childhood parts of AB – Amar Akbar Anthony (1977), Desh Premee (1982), Shakti (1982), Coolie (1983), to name a few. Younger Brother of child star Master Rajesh (Rajesh Valecha), he started his career with Fakira (1976) and went on to do 300+ films in various languages. We possibly saw him for the first time in Amar Akbar Anthony (1977) and could never forget the little kid uttering “Chhotu Tujhe Bhook Lagi Hai” in his sweet innocent voice. We absolutely love him in the films Tumhare Bina (1982) and Kaya Palat (1983) among others. However we believe that one of his best performances was in the film Shakti (1982). The most important scene of this father-son story is when little Vijay kidnapped by the goons overhears his father, a policeman saying that they can go ahead kill his son but he will not give-in to their demands. This instils bitterness in Vijay for his father and forms the crux of this story. Believing that his father does not care about him, he tries to escape from the goons. The expression in his eyes when he looks at Narang (played by Kulbhushan Kharbanda) who sees him hiding was absolutely brilliant. As an adult he was seen in TV Series Shanti (1994) and a guest role in Ye Meri Life Hai (2004). Today, he is Head of Hospitality and Facilities for one of India’s top Private Sector Banks. An MBA in Hospitality and International Business from NIM (Ahmedabad), he has had a multifaceted career spanning over two decades in the Hospitality Industry. He also grooms youngsters who want to be part of this Industry on Personality Development and Soft Skills for engaging with guests. We wish him the very best in life, good health and great success in his chosen field.

Rattan Kumar
Syed Nazir Ali Rizvi

Syed Nazir Ali, better known as Rattan Kumar is one of the finest actors we have seen at that young age. He has been part of classics like Do Bigha Zamin (1953), Boot Polish (1954) and Jagriti (1954) among others. The first thing we instantly liked about him was his voice, loved the way he used to say his dialogs. Just see him perform in the scene before and during the song “Chalo Chalen Maa Sapanon Ke Gaaon Mein” from Jagriti (1954), he tugs at your heartstrings. Till date whenever we see this sequence (especially with our parents), tears just roll, the emotions are so real. Such understanding of characterisation and delivering with such amazing sensitivity at that tender age, this boy was a real talent. For us his performance is the highlight of Jagriti (1954) which is a brilliant film itself. How can we talk about Rattan Kumar and not talk about Boot Polish (1954). He and Baby Naaz were so brilliant in that film as siblings Bhola and Belu, their love for each other was so real. This story of their struggle for survival and social respectability is extremely touching, a must watch. In the mid-50s Rattan Kumar’s family migrated to Pakistan. He continued to work there as a child artist and went on to play leading roles. His first film as a leading man was Nagin (1959) when he was just 17. His last release was Dastaan (1969). From the information we have managed to gather, Rattan Kumar moved to Frankfurt, Germany in the mid-70s. There he took a course in Hotel Management from a famous Hospitality College. By early-80s he had moved to the United States with his family. There he continued his career as Food & Beverage Manager and later as General Manager in famous Hotel chains. Currently in his 70th year (he will turn 70 in August this year), Rattan Kumar lives in California. We wish him good health and a long happy life.

Tejan Diwanji
Tejan Diwanji

Tejan, the cute but naughty boy with a devil-may-care fast talk was one of the most visible faces on TV during the 90s. This fair skinned boy with light brown curly hair, sweet smile and twinkling eyes is one of the most expressive kids we have seen in Ad Films, one who could not be missed. The advertisement with which he made a permanent place in our memory was for BPL Home Appliances, a Home Alone spoof with a tag line “at home but not alone“. He became one of our favorite child stars in no time. What we loved the most were his expressions; we remember his Ad Film for Johnson & Johnson’s Band-Aid which featured only Tejan with two voice-overs playing his parents. Tejan mostly had to give expressions to the argument between the two voice-overs and he did a super job. That’s our favorite advertisement featuring him. Apart from numerous Ad Films, he appeared in the hugely popular Pehla Nasha Remix Music Video, a couple of episodic stories in shows like Rishtey (1998) and Star Bestsellers (1999) and had a brief stint in tele-series Zanjeerein (1999). He also hosted It’s My Show for about 26 Episodes where he interviewed celebrities. Time flies, it’s been over a decade since Tejan moved to the United States with his family. It does not seem so long maybe because his Ad Film for Action School Time Shoes was on air till a few years back. Currently enrolled in a Medical School, he will be graduating in 2013. Here’s wishing him the very best in life and great success in his chosen field.

Parzaan Dastur
Parzaan Dastur

Parzaan, the Jalebi Boy. Aww how adorable was he in his first TV Commercial for Dhara Oil. Annoyed with his family this little kid decides to leave home only to give up the idea when he finds that his mom has prepared jalebis for him. That was a classic advertisement; one which we feel should never have gone off air. A little later they came out with its part-2 where Parzaan played a boy whose little brother similarly wishes to leave home and he uses the same trick to change his mind. He then came as the cute little Sardar kid who made “tussi naa jaao” the most memorable line of the film Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (1998). He also enacted as the central character in the lovely episodic story Number Please of the series Rishtey (1998). Parzaan aptly played a six year boy who develops a deep bond of friendship with a telephone operator he never met in this story set in the British Raj. He later went on to do films like, Zubeidaa (2001) and the award-winning Parzania (2007) among others. His last release Sikandar came out in 2009. During his interviews then he had expressed his desire to take-up acting as a career. Currently away from limelight, he is concentrating on his studies. We wish our Jalebi Boy the very best and hope all his dreams come true.

Baby Guddu
Shahinda Baig

Remember the little girl singing “daadi maa daadi maa, pyari pyari daadi maa, dekho zara idhar dekho, gussa chhodo daadi maa” to her angry Daadi (Shashikala) in Ghar Ghar Ki Kahani (1988)? Popularly known as Baby Guddu, Shahinda Baig is the pony-tailed twinkling bright and charming child star of the 80s. We wonder how Daadi Maa managed to get angry with her. She is the cutest little princess we have ever seen on screen. Her innocent face and adorable smile made a special place in our hearts. We probably saw her first in the classic Colgate Toothpaste advertisement on Doordarshan. Her most prominent film role has to be from Samundar (1986). Playing the role of a little girl kidnapped by someone she called her ‘Dost‘ but unaware of why she is being kept away from her family, Guddu did a wonderful job and her chemistry with Sunny Deol was very endearing. Only she could have pulled off singing “achhe bacche zid nahin karte” to a Sunny Deol. Our favorite scene is the one where he faints due to bleeding. Guddu runs towards the sea to get water but the water slips through her fingers before she can reach him. She tries 2-3 times but all in vain. She then fills water in her mouth and spills it on his face to bring him back to consciousness. In films like Aakhir Kyon (1985) where she had a smaller part to play, her mere presence was enough to add to a mother’s suffering of being separated from such an adorable child. She was last seen on the big screen in Inspector Dhanush (1991). From what we have read, she is currently based in Dubai, working with Emirates Airlines. Here’s wishing her the very best in life.

When we decided to dedicate our next article to our loved child artists, we never thought it would be such a fulfilling experience. Though this post is more about our impressions of them, we tried to find as much information about each of them as possible, right from their real names, to their works, pictures, interviews and most importantly their current whereabouts. We realise that though they were kids, the job they did was no child’s play. They gave up on their study time, play time, to entertain us. There is a lot of sweat, hard work, injuries even abuse behind those innocent smiles and tears. Today all of them have grown up and are at a different age, a different stage of their lives. Some have moved on to newer things while some have continued being under the arc lights. We are fortunate to have got an opportunity to interact with some of them and express our admiration. We hope this post will intrigue some of you to go back and see the wonderful work done by these little performers.

– Maitri Manthan

* Some clips starring these child artists can be viewed on our YouTube channel. We would like to thank Aroop Bose and Mary Hughes for providing some of the videos.

* We will be glad if someone can tell us the name of the boy who played the title role in the film Chhota Chetan, Hindi dubbed version of My Dear Kuttichathan (1984).

* The information provided in this blog is to the best of our knowledge, if any discrepancies are found please let us know. Thank you.



  1. Very good and thoughtful indeed to remember the child artistes who having grown up may have moved on from the arc lights to other pastures. We wish them wherever they are all the very best and ofcourse alot of gratitude for having entertained us over the period and you continue to do so even now when we see the films again. God Bless all of Them.

    • I am very touched by this report.I was searching the whereabouts of baby Guddu who was one of the prominent child artists in my childhood days and have got information of other child artists also.

  2. Maitri ji,
    Excellent and informative article.I came to know about your blog thru Cineplot-Facebook.
    This is my first visit and would like to go thru all previous posts.
    -Arunkumar Deshmukh

  3. Thanks again for the post! Very very interesting; particularly enjoyed seeing the Sardarji from KKHH mentioned in the same article as Mahabharati’s young Arjun 🙂

  4. I believe Master Vikas is not around. He was from Sacred Hearts High School, Santacruz. He was a junior. A friend of mine who was from his class mentioned that he fell from a train. Don’t know if its true.

  5. Master Vikas (Vikas Khanna) was like my brother. We stayed in the same building, and played together. Yes he is no more and I remember him. I am now 39 and he would have been around the same age if he was around. I know that he was getting engaged and the next thing was his untimely demise. He did not fall off any train. He had a medicine reaction that went completely wrong on him. I think he was in Delhi that unfortunate day. God bless you Vikas. RIP wherever you are my green eyed friend.

    • Lovely Green Eyes and a sparkling smile. He would make friend very easily. When we shifted to andheri west, 7 bungalows in 1986, my first memories as a 13 year boy was that whenever i went down to play cricket with the kids, i saw this guy, slim and athletic, maybe a year or so lesser in age than me, leading the pack. He was charismatic in nature and had friends following him all the time. Since it is a small complex, we got to know each other even as families.

      He loved playing cricket while not shooting for ek do teen chaar and I think another serial called srikanth if i am not wrong. He actually hardly spoke of shoots while we played. Like any other kid he would get scolding from his mom for not getting back home on time for homework and studies. He was in Sacred Hearts boys school at khar.

      Infact if you recollect there was another guy with him in ek do teen chaar, Ali Asgar. We see him as a big TV star now in comedy shows and serials and movies. Ali and vikas were obviously thick pals and Ali also came to our building and played cricket with us then.

      Unfortunately we did not have camera mobiles or digital cameras those days and i dont have any photos of those days …..

    • Yes, we recollect watching “Ek Do Teen Char” featuring Vikas Khanna, Ali Asgar, Love Baronia and Suraj Karani. In fact we had got in touch with Love Baronia to find information about Vikas.

      Here is an old scan from the series.

      This is a very very short video found on
      EkDoTeenChar Video

      Thank you for letting us know a bit more about the little boy we have always liked.

  6. Dear Anil…How are u? I am few yeas older to you as I was about 19 when I used to watch Ek Do….This boy Vikas Khanna was the cutest and smartest of all. His acting was also superb and very natural. As he was lean, he looked awesome in those short shorts in vogue in the eighties. Do you have any photo of him in shorts ? If yes then please post it on this blog. I have been looking for a clip from Ek Do…but couldn’t find one. It would be very nice if Mr. Umesh Mehra (Prop. of Eagle Films) uploads some episodes of this fantastic serial on you tube. I firmly believe that boys should be strtictly kept in short shorts until Class X to enforce and ensure discipline among teenage boys. In the eighties we never saw a 15-year-old school boy smoking near a paan shop as he had to wear short shorts to school. These days such scenes are very common in any town. Thanks Anilji once again.

  7. So sad to hear that master Vikas (Vikas Khanna) is no longer with us, I remember the sweet little boy in the early 80’s and a few after in which he was a grown up boy. May god bless his soul.
    Thank you for sharing this info with everyone.

  8. Hello Maitri Manthan.
    I just stumbled upon ur blog today when I was looking for a song featuring Satyajeet. I was saddened reading abt Master Vikaas. Yes, I remember him from the serial and all the movies u ve mentioned. Actually I follow another blog of Hindi movie songs and I have provided a link to your blog there. I hope its ok with you.
    Thank you

    • Yes I remember. I think they were two brothers who played young Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan but I am not able to find their names. Will try to find about them. I am also trying to find Kewal Shah the teenager who played young Krishna in Mahabharat.

    • If i am not wrong, in Ramanad Sagar’s Ramayan, in one of the early episodes where guru mata sing a lori to child (Episode No. 3 at 4.07 Min and 5.45 Min, I feel Kewal Shah is in that lori.

  9. Hi Maitri
    Hey You may also want to find out about Sumeet Pathak,This guy is best remembered for playing Young Sharukh Khan in Baazigar.He too has played a lot of characters in movies and guess he does Television today

  10. Thanx for sharing the information about all the little star…
    Specially I like Ravi valecha, his sweet smile and eye catching acting…
    Just having a dream to enjoy his sweet smile in my bare eye.. Don’t know my dream will be realize or not!!!!!!
    Once again Thanx a ton for the post.. May God Bless U ..

  11. Vikas Magnolia ….. no no. his true name was Vikas Khanna….they were the Khannas ..all 3 of them …Vikas, his sister and mom .. very much Khannas

  12. Anil, The last name he used in school was Vikas Magnolia. (of course my memory may be failing me, but I am 95% sure its right.) But of course you knew his family personally, so probably I stand corrected. Anyhow its really sad and shocking to learn he is no more. When did this happen?
    Also Keval Shah was also one of the child artists in the television serial Tipu Sultan. Also what happened to the girl who played Vinod Khanna’s daughter i the movie Qurbani?

    • Was Kewal Shah in Tipu Sultan?? I remember him for playing teen-aged Krishna in B R Chopra’s Mahabharat. He worked with Vikas in Ram-Avatar (1988). Still trying to find about him.

      The girl who played Vinod Khanna’s daughter in Qurbani (1980) was Natasha Chopra. We only know her name so far,

  13. wow! Hats of to you maitrimanthan for letting us relive our childhood days….can you also please find out about the two actors who played friends in Dosti 1964 movie…have searched for them in the net but could not find substantial information as to what happened to them later…hope u oblige! anyways thanks for starting your beautiful blog….i have become a big fan of it…keep us informed and updated on more news about kal ke sunhare pal…..cheers!!!

    • Thank you for your kind words. We have been trying to find about Sudhir Kumar ji & Sushil Kumar ji but no luck so far. They did such a wonderful job in Dosti (1964). The little girl with them now plays granny’s roles and is called Farida Dadi.

    • I read somewhere on the net that one of them was murdered! (one of the 2 leading actors from the movie dosti) dnt know whether its a malicious lie or true……is the little girl that you mentioned in the movie Farida Jalal? Anyways keep up the good work and plz keep updating ur site with more informative news like you always do…..cheers!

  14. i never knew until now who Shahinda was….its something like you don’t know the value of something until it leaves u… I added her on facebook unknowingly…totally unaware of who she is….she is pretty adorable…. currently Cabin Appearance Specialist at Emirates Airlines…her boyfriend’s name is Abdul. She cool….but very reserved….

  15. Great efforts. You managed to revive my childhood memories… Raju Shreshtha in kitaab was amazing… Reminded me of long forgotten Pancham Da classic “Dhanno Ki Aankhon Mein.” Thanks.

    • There are so many child stars we wanted to include but finally decided on this list of 10 little wonders. Sachin Pilgaonkar ji to us is not just a child star. We were not introduced to him as a child actor first like these artists, we knew him as a leading man and director of Marathi films before we saw his work as a child actor. Its a dream desire to meet him and possibly do a full blog on him.

  16. Great stuff Maitri Manthan! Do you have more information on Rattan Kumar? I am film researcher working on his films and wish to get in touch with him.

  17. With reference to this – We will be glad if someone can tell us the name of the boy who played the title role in the film Chhota Chetan, Hindi dubbed version of My Dear Kuttichathan (1984).

    The boy was Aravind. His parents were friends of my grandmother in Kochi. I have personally met Aravind’s mom. 🙂 Wish I had seen this post earlier.

  18. Thanks for the wonderful information.
    Apart from these child actors, there would be forgotten child actors in Marathi movies between 50s to 70s.


    • O yes there have been some lovely gems in Marathi films. One of our favorites among other is Yashwant Nikam who played young Sant Dnyaneshwar in Prabhat Films’s Sant Dnyaneshwar (1940). We tried so hard to find about him but no luck. We just know he was from Pune. Still hope we will know more some day. Just wish he had a good life.

  19. Do you have any whereabouts of the cute girl in ‘masoom’– played as a sister of urmila ? BTW- great blog maitri ! congrats.

    • Thank you Mitali. TOI recently did a feature on Mini aka Aradhana Srivastav from Shekhar Kapur’s Masoom. Mother of a little girl, she now teaches music in one of country’s best schools and lives in Delhi. For more check this link

  20. Hi, I wonder if someone know anything about that little girl named Bobby in the movie Mastan and Ek Phool Do Maali? I am searching for that information and end up in your blog. It is interesting, So many memory.

    • Yeah Bobby played Nandu in Amar Prem (1972). But nope could not find any information about her. We doubt Bobby is even her real name. She played Bobby K. Kaushal in Ek Phool Do Mali (1969) and we guess that is where she got her screen name from. If we knew her full name there was a chance but just ‘Bobby’ its very difficult.

      There was another child actress we wanted to find about. We have seen her in Pyar Jhukta Nahin (1985), Ek Chitthi Pyar Bhari (1985), Teri Meherbaniyan (1985) and Pyar Ke Kabil (1987). She has two screen names – Master Vicky and Baby Bulbul. And very clearly none of these are her real names. She played a little boy called Vicky in Pyar Jhukta Nahin (1985) and a little girl Bulbul in Ek Chitthi Pyar Bhari (1985) and that is where she got her screen names from. We guess we will never know who she is.

  21. Hello, dear Maitri! Do you have any information about child actor master Chhotu? He acted in films Disco dancer, Kasam paida karnewale ki, Pyari behna, Jaag utha insaan and Shoorveer. If you have information on him, please share! Thank you in advance!

  22. I met master Vikas Khanna in 1984/5 during the shooting of Ricky (unreleased Chottu Bihari film). He was beautiful. Sorry that he is no more.

  23. Ali Asghar was in my brother’s examination centre for the SSC exams in 1986. He was much older and perhaps had repeated many years due to lack of time to study. I live outside Rani Baug in Byculla and I saw Vikas, Ali Asghar and the bald man (comedian) during the shooting of Ek Do Teen Char in the garden. Ali Asghar now acts in a Comedy show as a “lady”. I live in Sydney and saw him on indian TV. Both Vikas and Ali Asghar knew me quite well. I used to visit Raj Kamal studios in Parel as I knew someone who works there. Lots of stories to tell.

  24. I knew the child actress Komal Mahuvakar. She is the most beautiful face I have seen after Nutan and Divya Rana who is naturally goodlooking without make up. She was from a malyali family and acted in south indian films as she did not get work in Hindi films. Unfortunatley she had a troubled marriage and had to fight through courts to get access to her dauther. Her daughter is with her now (she is 10), but hope she shares her with the father. Komal is by far the best face. Does anyone know whether she is acting now (she wanted to).

  25. Your team asked here, the child artists of Chota Chetan (My dear Kuttichathan) – The first 3D Indian film.
    The child artists are Master Suresh and Sonia and the team received National award for best child artists.
    Being a Malayali, as far as I know, I haven’t noticed Master Suresh in any movies later. But Sonia grew up to a leading actress and still now she is active in malayalam cinema, portraying character roles.

    By the by, I should appreciate your team for providing us a wonderful article to read. Thank you very much.

  26. Komal lives in Vashi, I think and she is a practising homeopath.

    Nikhil who acted in Hip Hip Hurray, later did Shyam Benegal’s TV serial and then I read an article about him long back in Business India. He is doing his own business now and is no longer associated with the glamour world.

    Master Bittu and his brother lived in Gajanan Colony near Goregaon station- both of them played brother and sister in “Kalicharan”. Master Bittu’s brother sat next to me in the HSC exams in 1986 and he was desperately looking to copy! Master Bittu used to attend tuition classes near our home.

    I hope both of them are doing well and are happy.

  27. This is a wonderful evocative article. It brings out the very human side of Cinema/TV, the people and their actual lives. Which are no less than the characters they portray and are remembered for.

    Please consider writing more articles, for the small characters who populate our old films and are now, sadly, despite the tremendous talent they obviously had, in the process of being lost to us.

    best wishes,

    • Hello Shantanu, yes that definitely looks like child actor Kewal Shah’s profile. Will try to make contact as soon as we can. As you can see we are not able to post since last June due to various reasons. Thanks a lot.

    • Hello Shantanu, unfortunately we have not tried to contact him yet. We are a two member team. One of us has moved to another country and the other has been way too busy with work. This is our passion project which taken a backseat till we can invest as much time as we did when we wrote these articles.

    • Hello Hitesh ji, sorry for a very late reply. Baby Geeta who played Jeetendra and Rameshwari’s daughter in Aasha (1980)? We can try but with kids their screen names usually were the names of first characters they portrayed, not their real name.

    • Thanks, but Baby Geeta is her real name. If possible please find. I think Baby Khushboo who is now a politician also might be having idea where is baby geeta.

  28. Hello, Maitriji,can u please re try to get more information about Bobby, the child actor acted in Amar prem.

    • Hello, Maitriji , it is my sincere request to retry about very cute child actor Bobby …..! O nanhe se farishtey……..! ( Ek phool Do Maali )

  29. Hello, Maitriji…..! It’s my sincere request to re-try for ” O Nanhe se Farishtey ” ( Master BOBBY ) in Ek Phool Do Maali…….!

  30. When I visited India in December I saw Payal Ki Jhankar on Cable TV. It was such a pleasure watching the fresh innocent faces of Komal Mahuvakar and Master Alankar. Does anyone know who Sashi Kapoor’s son from Aa gale lag Jaa is and his current whereabouts. Thanks

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