Recently I chanced upon a book titled “Shahu Modak, Pravas …. Ek Devmansacha” written on one of my favorite yesteryears actors. This book written by his wife Pratibha Modak provides an insight on the varied facets of this highly gifted personality. I have seen a lot of work done by Shahu ji in Marathi and Hindi films – Manoos (1939), Sant Dyaneshwar (1940), Bharat Milap (1942), Chakradhari (1954), Sudamache Pohe (1958), Zala Mahar Pandharinath (1970), Hari Darshan (1972), etc to name a few. I knew very little about Shahu ji before reading this book.

His debut film was Shyamsunder (1932) as a child artist where he played Lord Krishna. Thereafter he played the role of Lord Krishna in numerous films (about 30 films) and became famous as Cineworld’s Krishna. Another interesting tidbit I read is that BR Chopra on the advice of Annasaheb Deulgaonkar (famous story and screenplay writer) sent Nitish Bharadwaj to meet Sahu ji before he started working as Lord Krishna in the famous tele-series, Mahabharat.

Its been an interesting read so far. Though I am yet to finish the book, I would like to share a poem that comes early in the book called Samarpan dedicated to Shahu ji by Pratibha ji. The simplicity, love and purity in this poem touched my heart. Her choices of words to express her feelings for her husband are beautiful. I am sure it will touch the hearts of readers as well.


आराध्य चरण में करने
लाई देखो मनके मोती
माला गूंथी त्याग प्रेम से
सदियों चमके जगमग ज्योति |

जीवन सृष्टी के आदिकाल से
सदा रही मैं तव पद धूली
सुप्त चेतना जगी आज प्रिय
तुमको पाकर सब कुछ भूली |

कभी सोचती कुछ है त्यागा
पर ये मात्र भुलावा है
कुछ ना खोया, सब कुछ पाया
कैसा मधुर छलावा है |

देखा जिस पल पके पान-सा
सारे दुख का छूटा साथ
तुम क्या आये अखिल विश्व का
वैभव आया बौने हाथ |

जिसकी गुण गाथा गायेगी
युग युग तक दुनिया सारी
मुझे गर्व है ऐसे नर की,
विधी ने मुझको नारी |

कला जगत के कलाकार तुम
कर्म क्षेत्र के कर्म रथी
भोग-योग के समन्वयी तुम
‘प्रतिभा’ सदा तव चरण पथी |

– प्रतिभा शाहू मोदक

Book Title : Shahu Modak, Pravas….Ek Devmansacha
Author : Pratibha Shahu Modak
Publisher : Ameya Prakashan

4 responses to “SAMARPAN

  1. Nice to read so much about the actors of yesteryears. I hope somebody from the Film fraternity sits up and takes notice. The poetic tribute to Shri Shahu Modak by his wife is really exceptional.

    I hope we get to read some more about this “Shri Krishna” of yesteryears.

  2. I think it would be appropriate to leave my comment no matter how insignificant it may be. As a kid, I had a chance meeting with Sahu Modak. I recognized him because I had already seen his AASTIK at the Roxy Cinema in 1956. My friend Arun Arora and I wanted to play cricket at the Shivaji Park ground. So I had accompanied him to his bungalow on the Cadell Road. During the time he went upstairs, I began loitering in the lawn where I saw a person sipping tea under the awning. He took my palm in his hand and began to study the lines. He said a lots of things which I didn’t understand, unfortunately It was only some years ago after his death that I learnt that he was an expert in palmistry. How I wish I had some sense to understand what all he said that time

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